White Paper and Webinar Recording
External aerodynamics analysis plays a key role in modern automotive design. HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel is a streamlined and high quality vertical application designed to improve wind tunnel simulation for the automotive industry.

With Altair’s HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel running on Cray® XC30™ or CS300™ systems, manufacturers of all sizes can now predict a vehicle’s external aerodynamic performance without the need for numerous physical wind tunnel tests.

Topics Include:

Pushing the Performance Limit of Virtual Wind Tunnels

Design challenges in external aerodynamics
Achieving fast, accurate transient and steady-state virtual wind tunnel simulation results
Proof points for deploying a virtual wind tunnel
Choosing the right hardware
Cray-Altair benchmark testing, results and recommendations
The webinar and the white paper will show you how to optimize your own environment to achieve faster turnaround times for external aerodynamic simulations.