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Webinar: Large-scale Variant Analysis at the Broad Institute with Hail
Join us on April 25 to learn how Hail can boost the production of your genomic informatics workflows.
The massive datasets generated by today’s sequencing technology require scalable analysis tools that can process hundreds of thousands of patient genomes in hours. A key component of this capability is variant analysis, and Broad's Hail team has developed a best-in-class variant analysis tool that eliminates the variant identification bottleneck in precision medicine workflows. Register today for this free 30-minute webinar, April 25 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET.

Australian CIO Honored for Cray Deployment
iTnews recognized the Australian BOM's Dr. Lesley Seebeck for a seamless major upgrade.
Improving Your
Analytics Economics
Industry analyst ESG compares approaches to finding the right analytics technology solution.
Lawrence Berkeley's
"Cori" Supercomputer
Learn the story behind pioneering scientist Gerty Cori and her namesake, a Cray supercomputer.
Prof. Dr. Dirk Pleiter at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre is simulating the human brain.
ORNL's Seismic
Mapping Milestone
A Princeton-led team used "Titan" to produce a detailed 3-D map of Earth's interior.
DataWarp Speeds
Discovery at NERSC
Scientists and researchers are scaling up their science and I/O without altering code.
Machine Learning is the
Killer App for HPC
Training neural networks is among the industry's most demanding, compute-intensive tasks.
ECMWF Supports
Users in 34 Countries
Helping thousands of weather and climate researchers succeed is all part of the job.
Video: Cray CEO on
HPC in Oil & Gas
Pete Ungaro discusses supercomputing in O&G yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Upcoming Events
The Engineering Simulation Show, April 27, Derby, UK
GPU Technology Conference, May 8–11, San Jose, CA
Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, May 2325, Boston, MA
Lustre User Group (LUG), May 30 June 2, Bloomington, IN

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