On-Demand Webinar: Top Trends in Crash Simulation is no longer available

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As compute capacities and performance increase, conventional wisdom suggests that organizations performing crash and safety simulations will benefit from the increases. But is that true? In this on-demand webinar, Cray’s Greg Clifford talks with Paul Du Bois about how manufacturers can take advantage of compute increases to improve automotive development practices and industrial reliability.

You’ll learn:

Three approaches to harnessing the increase in simulation compute capabilities

The impact of using bigger models and more models in solution convergence

How today’s supercomputers can address current and future simulation requirements

About this webinar:

  • Noted crash and safety simulation expert Paul Du Bois has worked in the automotive simulation field for over 20 years and brings a unique perspective on developments and trends.
  • The original live broadcast, in May 2015, was viewed by attendees from the automotive, aerospace, energy, tech and even financial-services industries.