Your data drives your business — and your storage decisions. But if you’re pushing the performance limits of your storage, consider scaling out to parallel file systems with Cray and Seagate. Data-driven companies require applications to “just work” in less time and keep users productive. Yet delivering parallel file systems like Lustre® has traditionally been fraught with challenges.

That’s changing — with help from Cray and Seagate. Torbin Kling-Petersen, principal engineer with Seagate, and Jason Goodman, senior manager with Cray’s storage and data management team, will discuss:
Scale-out Storage for Data-Driven Workflows
Featuring Torbin Kling Petersen, PhD, Seagate
Torben Kling Petersen, Ph.D.
Principal Engineer, Seagate Technologies
Considerations when choosing parallel file systems such as Lustre
Keys to simplifying deployment, management and ongoing operations
Optimizing performance to ensure scalability across a broad range of application workloads
Workflow-driven requirements to ensure applications “just work” to keep users productive
Torben Kling Petersen has over 20 years’ experience in HPC. He works for Seagate’s HPC Solutions Group. Over the years, Torben has worked on many large HPC systems around the world including Sandia Red Sky, ANU/BOM in Australia, CHPC in South Africa, ETH Zürich, among others. Since joining Seagate over 4 years ago, Torben has helped bring a number of Seagate products market. Recently, he has worked closely with Cray on a number of large Cray Sonexion deployments including CSCS, ECMWF, and DKRZ, among others.
Jason Goodman
Senior Marketing Manager, Cray Storage
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Jason Goodman has been with Cray for 3 years--and has 20 years' experience in software, storage, and data management. Prior to Cray, Jason worked in senior roles for companies such as Aspera, Isilon, PolyServe, and Microsoft. He studied History and Journalism at Beloit College, and transformed a career as a technical writer into customer solution marketing. On a personal note, Jason enjoys dog training, coaching youth lacrosse, and travelling.