Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage

Open Archive System for Big Data
Preserve data indefinitely
Simplify deploying, managing and scaling archives
Access data throughout its lifespan

Cray and Versity have teamed up to deliver an open, easy, turnkey HSM solution, on Linux (instead of Solaris). Your data fluidly migrates across storage tiers as demanded by business over time, transparently to users and apps.

Harriet Coverston, co-founder and CTO of Versity, says: “Our vision for moving SAM-QFS forward into an open and sustainable ecosystem is now a reality. Cray is a key partner. They’re optimizing and scaling all aspects of tiered storage. We're excited to be working with Cray."

With Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage (TAS) you can:
  • Feel confident preserving and protecting data into the future, using Linux
  • Simplify managing data using familiar tools, for years to come
Cray TAS includes everything needed for migrating, delivering and sustaining archives now and into the future. The world’s leading archives relied on SAM-QFS.

The future is seldom the same as the past. The road forward is on Linux.