Webcast: Get Smart on Cybersecurity: Threat Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics
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As a security professional, have you ever said, “The reason our job is so difficult is because we have to find and plug every single hole in order to be completely successful, but the bad guys only need to find ONE hole to get the job done?”
of detection and prevention, based on the latest analytic technologies, that adapts to changing external and internal threats.Cray is a trusted partner for many organizations seeking to deploy the most advanced cybersecurity analytics, and in this webinar, security experts from Cray will discuss the mission criticality of information security and explain the analytics required to stay ahead of cyber threats.
Given the threat landscape that exists today compared to a decade ago, a traditional security posture is no longer a viable path to a secure digital infrastructure. What you need is a proactive system
Improved Threat Visibility: Gain proactive situational awareness in real time by monitoring all phases of the threat lifecycle
Comprehensive Threat Intelligence: Analyze multiple datasets to enable deeper insight into global threat actors
Statistical Anomaly Detection at Scale: Leverage years of historical data to improve accuracy of anomaly detection algorithms
In this webcast, you will learn:
Cray Cybersecurity solutions.