3 world records set since Shaheen II launched in 2015
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is growing as a destination for science and technological research, thanks in part to their Cray® XC™ supercomputer — the largest and most powerful in the Middle East.

Port Security Enhanced by Cray
Vanguard Stargate Imaging security solution to rely on Cray for high-speed 3D imaging
Cray Talks Exascale Supercomputing at SC18
ShastaTM and Slingshot interconnect aim to tackle the increasing data I/O bottleneck
Older Computers More Powerful than Assumed
Quantum computing research leads to accidental discovery about the classical computer
NOAA Releases 2018 Arctic Report Card
Data shows how regional and global climate change has affected Arctic environment
NVIDIA Sets 6 Records for AI Performance
MLPerf benchmark tests provide guidelines for how to measure AI training and inference speed
A Brief History of Supercomputing
And how cloud computing has led to a necessary rebirth – with some help from the GPU
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