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IDC Technology Spotlight

Cray® CS300-LCTM Cluster: Warm Water Cooling at the Forefront of an HPC Industry Trend is no longer available.

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The Trend Toward Liquid Cooling Recent IDC surveys of the worldwide high performance computing (HPC) market consistently show that cooling today's larger, denser HPC systems has become a top challenge for datacenter managers. The surveys reveal a notable trend toward liquid cooling systems, and warm water cooling has emerged as an effective alternative to chilled liquid cooling.

Cray’s Warm Water Cooling Delivers Energy Savings The Cray CS300 system’s innovative warm water cooling reduces cost and saves energy by eliminating the need for expensive, power-hungry chillers. Mississippi State University recently deployed a CS300-LC system that uses only a tenth the power of a traditional CRAC unit to cool the same heat load. Featuring Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors, the warm-water cooled Cray CS300-LC cluster supercomputer provides significant power savings, reliability and performance scalability with managed cooling control.

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