White Paper

Cray Cluster Supercomputers
Take Aim at Big Computing
and Big Data Challenges

In the past dozen years, standards-based clusters have become the dominant species of HPC systems.

Clusters account for a large majority of system sales in the lower half of the HPC market (systems under $250,000), and large-scale clusters have a substantial footprint in the supercomputer and divisional segments (systems over $250,000), where they share the limelight with more tightly coupled HPC systems.

The addition of cluster supercomputers, largely derived from the 2012 acquisition of Appro, positions Cray to provide solutions downmarket for HPC customers in the divisional segment. This IDC white paper reviews the global market for large-scale technical computing (HPC) clusters and evaluates Cray's cluster supercomputer solutions, based on the Intel® Xeon® processor, in relation to the needs of this market.

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