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The Competitive Advantage of an HPC-Optimized Software Stack
How Cray’s Holistic Approach Will Maximize Your x86 Workflows
Cray knows high-performance computing. We’ve been working with it for over 40 years. So we know what it takes to design and implement HPC solutions. And our approach to implementing it for enterprise is built on our experience. The Cray® CS5000 with AMD EPYC processors is the perfect solution for advancing your x86 workflows while minimizing disruption.

Cray and ANSYS Give Aircraft Takeoffs a Lift
CTO Steve Scott talks to Cray’s interconnect – a key component to the exascale-class Shasta supercomputer.
The Road Ahead to Exascale
Recap of SC18 in Dallas: new technologies, new contracts, new milestones, and the future of HPC Road to Exascale
Elevate Your DevOps with HPC
Best practices migrated from enterprise environments unlock the potential of HPC architectures
Balancing Tech and Science on a Vast Scale
Weather forecasting in the UK gets a 15x boost from a Cray® XC40 system blending world-class digital transformation and science
Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis
Turning AI’s ultra-powerful gaze towards stored medical images to improve patient outcomes DL Medical Imaging Ebook
Biofuel Production Aided by HPC
Supercomputer allows for more realistic biomass reaction simulations, down to the molecular level Biofuel Production
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