Solving the Toughest Seismic Problems

PGS demo: high-quality imaging of a subsalt play

In this recorded demo, PGS walks through their newest Interactive Velocity Model Building workflow running on a Cray® XC™ supercomputer. Watch the 25-minute video to see this real-time interactive modeling and visualization workflow for one of the industry’s most difficult seismic processing problems, the high-quality imaging of a subsalt play.

Demo speakers:

Alastair Lewis
North Americas Area Manager for Imaging and Engineering,

Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl
Chief Geophysicist for Imaging and Engineering,

Watch the demo and learn how:

  • Cray and PGS are helping “de-risk” the subsurface for explorationists
  • PGS is thinking differently about supercomputing in the exploration space
  • PGS’s advanced algorithms running on Cray a supercomputer are creating the highest-quality subsurface images in the industry