Capital market firms depend on technology to meet their business goals, from assessing risk to matching buyers and sellers. But with dramatic changes in computational requirements and the regulatory landscape, firms are reinvesting in new solutions to exploit new opportunities and meet ever-increasing risk management and regulatory demands. These solutions must be more flexible, more powerful and faster, but with smaller footprints and reduced administrative overhead.

As a result, firms are challenging their existing architectures and considering options for their computing grids, including hybrid cloud or alternative on-premises solutions such as supercomputers, with the goal of increasing flexibility and performance while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).To better understand these changing requirements around grid, TABB Group researched a representative sample of users and managers of compute grids at buy- and sell-side financial institutions. In this webinar hosted by Cray and Intel, the TABB Group presents its research findings.

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Terry Roche
Principal, Head of FinTech Research
TABB Group


Phil Filleul
Director, Financial Services
Cray Inc.

Robert Geva
Principal Engineer, Software & Solutions Group

This webinar covers:

The Computational Landscape in Financial Services

Grid vs Cloud Use Cases

Performance Factors (e.g. end user metrics, application integration, I/P, latency and other considerations)

Key TABB Findings

Cray Performance and TCO Review