Take Artificial Intelligence Deep
Deep learning takes artificial intelligence deep into the workings of the human mind. Using machine learning tools and techniques, deep learning aims to solve problems the way a human could. It's an immense task; the brain has over 100 trillion neural connections. But deep learning’s potential is as boundless as the mind, and we're working to advance it with resources like the Cray Accel AI Lab.

Fast Technology for Japan's Fast Trains
Tokyo's Railway Technical Research Institute boosts processing power by 5x with its new XC50 system.
Make the Right AI Infrastructure Choices
Learn how to avoid artificial intelligence project pitfalls in this live webinar on 9/25.
Advancing Scientific Research in South Korea
The Institute for Basic Science in Daejeon is speeding up its research with a new Cray system.
CosmoFlow on NERSC's "Cori" is a Big Deal
The 3D convolutional neural network can predict cosmological parameters accurately.
How Are Cloud & AI Changing HPC?
We posed the question to industry leader Thomas Schulthess from Switzerland's CSCS.
Too Cool – the Latest in Supercomputer Cooling
Power levels in the approaching exascale era will require new, efficient cooling methods.
Upcoming Events
ECMWF Workshop on HPC in Meteorology – September 24–28, Reading, UK
IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing – September 25–28, Waltham, MA
CrowdChat – AI: Exploring the Universe – October 2 @ 11 a.m. PT online
Rice 2018 Data Science Conference – October 8–10, Houston, TX
CrowdChat – Exascale: HPC Cooling – October 10 @ 10 a.m. PT online
NCSA Industry Conference – October 10–11, 2018, Urbana, IL
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