Webinar: Applying Data Science to Digital Forensics

The science of uncovering undetected threats and breaches.

Current commercial off-the-shelf security applications lack the intelligence and understanding of a company's network that enable the organization to make critical network security decisions. A “one-size-fits all” dataset or algorithm will never expose the critical nuances of each individual network’s characteristics. Sampling of global datasets provides some benefits, but never really uncovers the hidden nuggets of information needed to mediate nefarious activity.

  Webinar details:

      Duration: 30 minutes
      Host: Tim Barr, Director of Analytics Product Strategy, Cray Inc.
      Guest Speaker: Joe Head, Co-Founder, Vice President, Intrusion Inc.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of taking a strategic approach that “targets” the organization’s specific traffic patterns and combines that with a historical understanding of your organization’s communication norms.

  • How utilizing massive data processing, blended with graph analytics, can help you understand and expose nefarious activity that previously eluded all other systems.

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