White Paper: Flash Acceleration of HPC Storage

Organizations are under more and more pressure to accelerate the performance of their big data and HPC workflows – while being asked to cut costs. Solid state devices and other flash-based media have the potential to solve this problem, but replacing the disk drive or rotating media with solid state is very expensive. There is a solution: flash caching, one of the more cost-effective ways to deploy solid state storage.

Download our Flash Acceleration of HPC white paper to learn about NXD, a solution that provides a more cost-efficient way of accelerating high-performance I/O and these impressive features:

  • Read persistence
  • Write back
  • Dynamic flush
  • Flash caching
  • …and how NXD stacks up to alternatives

Learn more about what’s needed in a first-rate data storage system – one that can keep up with today’s volume of data and the speed at which it’s generated. This guide will help you as you consider how to take the work your team does to the next level.

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