White Paper: Get the Most for Your Analytics Investment with Cray

Enterprise Strategy Group compares configurations of the Cray® Urika®-GX agile analytics platform with a similarly configured, build-your-own infrastructure.

Advanced analytics is a top priority for any organization. But finding the right analytics solution has its challenges: 

  • Time-to-value is generally too long.
  • Quality depends on having a well-defined and tightly integrated stack. 
  • The effort and expense of implementation can be significant.

How should enterprises proceed? This complimentary white paper from ESG examines two approaches: selecting a ready-made system (the Cray Urika-GX platform) vs. developing your own environment (an equivalent commodity kit).

The cost comparison includes:

3-year TCO of Urika vs. commodity analytics solutions

Capital and operational expenses

Core components plus associated support and licensing

Enterprise Strategy Group is an IT analyst, research, validation and strategy firm that provides actionable insight and intelligence to the global IT community. “While there is no single ‘best choice’ for every business,” the report concludes, “those looking to gain real big data advantages would do well to reconsider their assumptions about deployment models, and evaluate how Cray could be the right offering to meet their needs.”

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