On-Demand Webinar: SeisSpace and Parallel File Systems: What Are You Using? is no longer available

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Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Cray and Taming Traces Consulting profiled the I/O requirements for Landmark’s SeisSpace® with a variety of workflow scenarios to produce a series of guidelines for parallel file system setup. You’ll hear from Taming Traces owner Dan Grygier and Cray global energy architect Dennis Zukowski about how you can optimally set up SeisSpace’s disk storage layout using different architectures and parallel file systems.

You’ll learn about:

How to effectively set up and optimize your parallel file system for SeisSpace

Lustre® and GPFS™ performance on Cray® Sonexion®, IBM GL6 and DDN GS14KX™

Why dividing primary and secondary storage may no longer be necessary

You should watch this on-demand webinar if:

  • You use or want to use SeisSpace in your seismic processing environment
  • Seismic processing is an important part of your oil & gas exploration workflow
  • You want to upgrade or optimize your seismic processing storage and compute infrastructure
  • You’re interested in the newest cluster and storage technology for oil & gas exploration