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The massive datasets generated by today’s sequencing technology require scalable analysis tools that can process hundreds of thousands of patient genomes in hours. A key component of this capability is variant analysis, and the Broad Institute's Hail is a best-in-class variant analysis tool that eliminates the variant identification bottleneck in precision medicine workflows.

Cray’s work with Hail has accelerated application speed by five times thanks to the Urika-GX agile analytics platform. Please join Tony DiBiase to learn how Hail can boost the production of your informatics workflows and accelerate your journey from computation to cure.

You will learn how to:

Keep up with ever-increasing data volumes with a scalable architecture.

Find statistically significant variants quickly and easily.

Interpret the results of variant analysis tools.

The on-demand webinar will show you how to scale up your clinical informatics workflows to treat more patients in less time.