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Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Cray and Stone Ridge Technology are setting the new standard for reservoir simulation solutions. We’ve partnered to combine ECHELON, the industry’s first GPU-targeted reservoir simulator, with the high performance Cray® CS-Storm™ cluster supercomputer using NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators.

On a two-node GPU-based CS-Storm system, Stone Ridge’s ECHELON reservoir simulator ran a 243-million cell, 45-year model in only 2.5 hours.


Karthik Mukundakrishnan Senior computational scientist,
Stone Ridge Technology

Bert Beals
Energy segment director,
Cray Inc.

Ty McKercher
Principal solution architect,

You'll learn about:

  • Achieving improved runtime performance, 10x to 500x faster than legacy solutions
  • Simulating geo-scale models accurately and easily with no more upscaling
  • How a single CS-Storm system node outperformed 10 traditional compute nodes