On-Demand Webinar: Power your analytics with supercomputing as a service

The first-ever Cray hosted supercomputer opens new doors in innovation and discovery.

Looking for a big data solution with the speed of a supercomputer and the ease of the cloud? The new hosted supercomputing solution powered by Cray at Markley offers the best of both worlds: big data analytics with maximum convenience.

These two resources will give you more insight into this offering. With the video (below), go on-site at Markley and learn more about what their CTO calls a “paradigm shift” in supercomputing.

In the on-demand webinar, experts from Cray and Markley discuss real-world use cases in the life sciences, where genomics applications benefit from Cray’s agile HPC/analytics platform, designed to handle the most complex technical workloads. Complete the form at right to access and share the on-demand webinar.

The webinar speakers discuss:

What Cray + Markley means for innovation and discovery

Capability highlights and savings analyses

How to get up and running quickly

Webinar speakers

  • Patrick Gilmore, CTO, Markley
  • Ted Slater, global head of healthcare & life sciences, Cray Inc.