CRAY® Sonexion® 3000 Storage System

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The Sonexion 3000 system improves performance density by up to 40 percent over the competition — delivering more real-world throughput per rack unit than server-attached solutions. In a performance-optimized configuration, this translates to nearly 100 GB/s of sustained performance in a single rack — and over 1.7 TB/s sustained performance in a single file system.

In this white paper, you'll learn how:

Sonexion cuts TCO by up to 25% — using fewer components and racks than the competition.

Grid RAID data protection speeds rebuild times 3x over traditional RAID.

Cray management tools and diagnostic infrastructure maintain and support Lustre at scale.

The system’s modular, pre-integrated and compact design keeps costs low while delivering the right performance for analytics and compute clusters and supercomputers of all types