Analyst Report: Use Cases for AI in High-Performance Computing

Tractica Shares Four Industry Examples Where AI Will Augment Supercomputing Workloads

The rapid emergence and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques like machine and deep learning are a wakeup call: AI will transform the technology landscape and touch almost every industry over the next 10 years, according to Tractica, a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology. No domain of computing will escape the transformation, including high-performance computing. This analyst report provides a timely deep dive into some of the real-world applications that are likely to benefit from this transformation.

The analyst report includes:

A review of four use cases in which HPC and AI will be used together.

A look at how the marriage of HPC and AI is already taking place.

The resulting opportunities for both scientific research and businesses.

Additional highlights:

  • The diversity of applications and industries that are using AI with HPC.
  • The unique characteristics of each use case in terms of the type and scale of data workloads on offer.